More Time for What You Love

When you are so busy taking care of your property, you have less time to do the things you love. However, downsizing doesn’t have to mean a change in lifestyle. At The Wellings of Picton, we offer more amenities and services than you would find at home. Downsizing can open up your schedule, freeing your time and easing your mind knowing everything is being taken care of, whether you’re at home or away. A change of address can give you more opportunities to focus on the things you love!

In Wellings communities, the people share many diverse interests and are in a similar place in life. Dynamic and yet close-knit, native to the County or hailing from places such Belleville, Kingston, Toronto, Ottawa and beyond, our residents choose the active and engaging community at The Wellings of Picton to embrace a healthy and fulfilling life. Most have visited and found a sense of belonging or a kindred spirit they want to be close to. Whatever the reason, The County is surrounded by adventure, and a road trip to larger cities is easy when you get the urge to fell the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Wellings Plus Home Health Care

Wellness is guaranteed and a priority for us. The Wellings home healthcare provider will do everything at your choosing, from running errands and housekeeping to providing full-service care. The choice is yours!

At Wellings, you pay only for the services you choose. The Wellings Communities are designed for independent living with care services only a phone call away.

Choose to Live Well

Our community partners with the best healthcare providers in the country, and together we have created a unique program that tracks all aspects of health including fitness, nutrition, and medication. This program is readily available to all our residents and is customized to meet your needs as they evolve over time. At Wellings, our residents thrive. We believe an environment that fosters healthy living and immerses residents in a community of like-minded people is a recipe for success!

The Lifestyle You’ve Been Dreaming Of!

If your independence and a healthy way of life are a priority for you, The Wellings of Picton offers an ideal transition into an active lifestyle for the adult over 55. The only schedule you have is the one you create yourself. A fine-dining service will be served to you in the Atrium daily, and with our executive chefs from Marquise, we are sure these will be meals you will want to come home for! We are perfectly situated to take advantage of the beauty of Prince Edward County with bike trails, vineyards, restaurants, and shops just steps beyond your front door! The produce and ingredients of the region are plentiful, and fresh meals are sure to follow.

Anyone working close by, such as Belleville, can transition into the community while still enjoying an easy and pleasant commute to work. We are also the perfect location for Peterborough and Kingston natives, offering plenty of nearby beaches and vineyards for you to explore while enjoying your retirement.
Our residents come from all over Ontario and beyond to embrace active adult living at its best! By sharing your goals and aspirations in a community with like-minded people, you are guaranteed to love the unique and dynamic atmosphere Wellings of Picton offers.

To request more information, contact us today!