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A Fresh Start

Have you ever moved to a new city, left a relationship, changed schools or left a job? Doesn’t it feel like leaping off a cliff without a parachute?  There’s that nattering inside voice reminding you that you’re alone and you fear you may never feel comfortable or connected to community again.

Growing up, our family moved from one end of Canada to the other and finally back to our parents’ hometown of Montreal. I longed for life-long friendships and the continuity that comes with it but I’ve learned that always looking ahead isn’t a bad way to go either. As difficult as it’s been sometimes, I’ve learned to embrace change and see it as a good thing.

I remember leaving my job as a producer/host at CTV Ottawa in 2012 with the intention of dedicating my efforts to helping people see their possibilities.

I had been diligently studying human behavior, specifically what happens when we have clarity about what we want, set a goal and focus our thoughts. I had observed the results of this practice every week through the people I interviewed for our show, Regional Contact.

These people lived with courage, shared their gifts in the world and had no regret about choosing a road less travelled. In some funny way, I felt called to do the same for myself and through my example let other people see what happens when we choose courage to try something over a fear of the unknown.

It was difficult for me to articulate my plan at the time because I didn’t really have one. Once I left my job, it felt like I was living in a tug of war between fear and optimism; I felt lost and found at the same time.

There were days when I thought I had made the biggest mistake of my life and there were days when I learned a lot about the superpower of courage. I learned how it can not only calm fear, it’s the very thing that helped me connect with the right opportunities and ultimately led me to where I am today.

I’ve navigated with courage to a place where I feel confident that the vision I had when I left my fulltime job is being realized. Today, I write books, host workshops, a television series and share my personal development strategies in the workplace.

I help people unlearn what they thought they knew about themselves and their possibilities. I teach them about the power of appreciation: how it actually makes us feel more energized and brings more into our lives to appreciate. We look at the power of forgiveness, kindness, compassion and how important it is to choose our thoughts carefully.

I’ve learned that there are no mistakes in life; it’s simply a misunderstanding. Let me explain.

When my partner and I were recording the on-camera introductions for our weekly television show, we would record without a script. We would improvise until we got it the way we wanted it; every time we recorded a new introduction, it was called a take.

We had as many takes as we needed until we got it the way we wanted it; each take could have been called a miss-take. We had so many bloopers at the end of each season we did a full show of them and our viewers loved it. You see? There are no mistakes, just course corrections, and do-overs; it’s one of the best life lessons I’ve learned and it takes courage to believe it.

When I was introduced to the concept of The Wellings, I was excited and felt an immediate connection to the goals of the company and the people I now work with. I admire the daring it took to disrupt an outdated model for 55 plus living; I love the flexibility, the freedom and the notion that someone cared enough to create a community designed to encourage people to feel that their adventure continues with a fresh start instead of feeling like the adventure is over.

While I love some of the advantages of being over 65, I feel very youthful in this chapter of my life and I know I’m not alone. I want to continue to learn, socialize, take good care of myself, travel, enjoy the comforts of home and have a feeling of belonging; that’s exactly what The Wellings offers.


It takes courage to change how and where we live day to day; after all, we are creatures of habit, aren’t we? It’s challenging to give up the familiar for the unknown but remember my question at the beginning?

When you left the job, went to the new city or changed schools, it really was an opportunity for a fresh start, wasn’t it? I’m willing to bet that things worked out better than you could have imagined; I know that’s certainly been my experience.

So, if freedom living in a community that cares is something you feel aligned with; visit us to discover if living at The Wellings is your next fresh start.

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