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Hi I’m Susan,

Welcome to “The Science of Wellness,” Eat. Live. Love

My goal is to support a healthy rightsized lifestyle

A little about me and how I got into this…

susan StephenLike many busy travelling executives I was living on life’s ‘hamster wheel’ and knew inside I needed to make a change.

Listening to your body’s signals is key. A frozen shoulder, chest pains, stress, a few signs I needed to listen to and take action.  Some would call it a light bulb aha moment which occurred for me over 10 years ago now.

I jumped without a safety net into the unknown a blank slate, a space, vast universe, galaxy of the unknown and pondered these questions: What’s my next step? What really matters to me? What are my beliefs and values?  

What is life-work balance? How can I do something I love that makes me happy? How can I start my own business and be an entrepreneur?

SuLutions Business Consulting was successfully launched. And I began working with Bruce Bonner, Nutritionist and my husband of 25 years. Together we own and operate Living Science Wellness Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

I met Natalie Tommy in our offices at Living Science Wellness Centre and immediately felt a connection. Our roles, lives, experiences have had very similar paths.

When Natalie sent me a personal note and asked if I was up for a challenge to do a blog series for the Wellings® supporting a healthy lifestyle for Adults 55+,  I was touched and then it struck me … I am 55, and discovering a new concept in 55+ rightsized living inspires me.

Entering uncharted waters… That’s where the magic happens.

Conquer fear of the unknown, and be open to the possibilities. Your life will be fuller, your heart stronger and your mind enlightened.

I want to give you a reason to come along with me and live well at any age blending the best of science and nature.

Providing you with community, education, idea generation, guides, tips, money savers, inspirations, laughter, & more. Sharing creative ways to ensure you have a healthy, vibrant, energized life well into your platinum years.

I invite you to Eat, Live, & Love

Kind regards, Susan

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