Discover the Wellings Difference

Does this sound like you?

“I love my home, I have good friends and I love the County, but the maintenance is just too much now and I’m too young for a retirement community! What options do I have?”

This is something we hear often, and this was the reason why after 20 plus years in the full service retirement business we decided to just focus on the development of 55 plus active communities. At the core, Wellings is about connection, comfort and convenience with optional services where you pay only for what you use.

Invite your friends to join you for dinner in the Atrium and just enjoy! Connect with new neighbours over your favorite drink at the bar, and take part in a few community hobbies if you like. Open MIC nights, impromptu live music, home cooking and plenty of laughter are what we are about.

At Wellings your schedule is your own. It’s a lifestyle you design, based on your own needs for living a vibrant and fulfilling life. We call this Freedom Living.

Freedom and Independent Living

At The Wellings of Picton, we offer you the opportunity to live an active lifestyle on your own terms. There is no schedule—we offer complete freedom and a vibrant setting with access to plenty of amenities so activities can evolve organically. We also encourage residents to explore everything Prince Edward County has to offer. Our concierge service will keep you updated on current events in the County and the surrounding area.

About Prince Edward County

Time Magazine, Maclean’s Magazine, and Conde Nast have all raved about The County and its celebration of tradition. Coined the “jewel” of Southern Ontario, Prince Edward County has something for everyone—from food and wine lovers to culture seekers, history buffs, antique collectors, photographers, boaters, and everything in between, the County is the perfect place to live.

The cuisine is inspired by local produce, and there are over 40 vineyards in the region along with a growing number of craft breweries and spirit distilleries for you to explore. Your family will be begging to visit!

The County’s arts scene is also thriving, with plenty of galleries and local artists making the region a beautiful and unique place to visit. The rural culture is a perfect way to enjoy your retirement lifestyle. Get out of the city and enjoy a new way of life. And when you yearn for the hustle of the city, the County is halfway between Ottawa and Toronto, so your big city getaway is a short drive away.

Culture & Community

Pursue Your Passion

Changing your address doesn’t mean you need to give up your passions and hobbies. When you choose Wellings, you’re choosing to be part of an active lifestyle amongst vibrant adults over 55. All Wellings locations are specifically chosen for their niche communities, and we encourage you to discover Prince Edward County’s wine, food, arts, and spectacular backdrop for all types of activity.

Discover The County

There is no better place in Ontario to explore an active lifestyle than Prince Edward County. The County has something for everyone—from food and wine lovers to culture seekers, history buffs, antique collectors, photographers, boaters, and everything in between, the County has endless options for you to explore. The County’s arts scene is also thriving, with galleries and local artists making the region an inviting and colourful place to visit and call home!

Minutes Away from the Heart of Picton

The Wellings of Picton is minutes away from the heart of Picton, Ontario! With such a vibrant community a few steps away from your doorstep, it’s easy to get involved. Your concierge service will keep you updated on all current events in The County and the surrounding area.

Food & Hospitality



Nourish Restaurant in the Atrium has seen many celebrations around mealtime, and we love it! Expect more. We are upping the fun factor, our flavour profiles and food quality profiles as Chef Robert and the Team continue to strive for delicious-nutritious meals that feel like a taste if home. 


Your menu is designed following Canada’s Food Guide recommendations for healthy living. With fresh meal options, monthly theme nights, a weekly happy hour serving local wine and beer, and a seasonal menu featuring local providers.

We can accommodate most dietary restrictions, and invite you to let us know just what you are looking for and need, to ensure we are able to serve you to your satisfaction. While every apartment comes with a complimentary daily dinner, you can add to your monthly meal plan as you wish.

Experience Nourish Restaurant in the Atrium for yourself. Ask us how you can sit down to dinner with us!

Health & Wellness

Fitness Powers exclusive programming at Wellings

Wellings welcomes Tracy Reid, owner & Chief Fitness Officer of Fitness Powers to our line-up of expert community partners. With decades of personal training experience, join Tracy weekly, for a unique program designed exclusively for Wellings members. This program will increase your flexibility, strengthen your muscles and improve your overall breathing and wellbeing. Plus, she changes its contents all the time keeping it fresh and interesting. You’ll love her energy and the way you’ll start moving!

It’s all part if Wellings commitment to ensure your well-being and health is a priority we all benefit from.

Contact the concierge if you want to try out a class or two!


It’s time to make wellness a priority, and the Wellings lifestyle enables you to care for yourself in a vibrant environment.

Expect to experience less stress as home ownership and maintenance are shifted to us. Your body will feel the benefits of eating well and your muscles will thank you for taking part in the customized fitness programs right here in the fitness gym.

The conveniences of having almost everything you need at your fingertips along with a 24-hour concierge to assist with social arrangements, parcels, and tech issues is a bonus our residents rave about.

If you’re ready to right-size your life and rewire the way you look at living, visit or connect with us today at 613-707-0431, wellingsofpicton.com


Choosing to live well and right-size your life takes action. We are trained to assist in making this happen with the least amount of stress.

We connect you with real estate professionals and right-sizing specialists who will help you identify the pieces of furniture that will make you feel at home in your new surroundings, as well as movers we’ve used to great success. The Atrium is the community hub, a place where you connect with friends and enjoy dinner service, or maybe watch a movie together. Whatever way you choose to use the atrium, laughter and conversation are always part of the experience.

At Wellings, the care starts long before you move in. All spaces are designed and furnished to create a feeling of home that’s warm, inviting, and comfortable.

Pictures can only do so much for our community; book our guest apartment for the weekend and discover Prince Edward County and the Wellings of Picton firsthand!