Located on site, Wellings residents have access to a wellness nurse monthly. This service is focused on preventative care, personal fitness goals, nutrition, medications and simplifying the navigation of the health care system as needed. Two fitness classes are provided by a licensed personal fitness trainer, guaranteeing all levels of fitness are addressed.

Expect to live well and feel well knowing additional personal health care is available when you need it right in the office or in your apartment.


It’s time to make wellness a priority, and the Wellings lifestyle enables you to care for yourself in a vibrant environment.

Expect to experience less stress as home ownership and maintenance are shifted to us. Your body will feel the benefits of eating well and your muscles will thank you for taking part in the customized fitness programs right here in the fitness gym.

The conveniences of having almost everything you need at your fingertips along with a 24-hour concierge to assist with social arrangements, parcels, and tech issues is a bonus our residents rave about.

If you’re ready to right-size your life and rewire the way you look at living, visit or connect with us today at 613-707-0431,


Choosing to live well and right-size your life takes action. We are trained to assist in making this happen with the least amount of stress.

We connect you with real estate professionals and right-sizing specialists who will help you identify the pieces of furniture that will make you feel at home in your new surroundings, as well as movers we’ve used to great success. The Atrium is the community hub, a place where you connect with friends and enjoy dinner service, or maybe watch a movie together. Whatever way you choose to use the atrium, laughter and conversation are always part of the experience.

At Wellings, the care starts long before you move in. All spaces are designed and furnished to create a feeling of home that’s warm, inviting, and comfortable.

Pictures can only do so much for our community; book our guest apartment for the weekend and discover Prince Edward County and the Wellings of Picton firsthand!